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          • Post time: Oct-17-2020

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          • Post time: Jun-14-2020

            Benfa assembly & crimper all-in-1 unit is manufactured and developed upon the assembly machine and crimping machine, it composed the function of both. Compared to the original assembly machine and crimper, the assembly and crimping process is done within a single-time operation , thus reduces...Read more »

          • Post time: Jun-14-2020

            Consisted of 3 sets of 24 carrier horizontal braider, Benfa horizontal triple layer braider has the capacity to do complex multiple-layer braiding, which simplifies production transition process, concentrate braiding procedure, thus saves the resource and labor cost. Compared to single layer brai...Read more »

          • Post time: May-07-2018

            As a standard-setting enterprise in the Chinese hose braiding industry, Benfair Technology has always maintained a high standard and strict requirements on its own and has continued to maintain its aggressiveness. The company actively participates in various activities of local chambers of commer...Read more »

          • Post time: May-07-2018

            This braiding machine has always been very popular in the market and is affectionately known as the “Xinchang braider”. The acquisition of this reputation is inseparable from the accumulation of this technology for many years in the market. Since its founding in 1998, the company has been focusin...Read more »

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